Loriva Culinary Oils



Loriva Gold Medal Winning Gourmet Culinary Oils

And you thought there was only olive oil! Well, think again! At Loriva®, we’ve been busy creating oils you won’t believe! For you gourmet chefs, hosts, and concerned food enthusiasts, we have created exquisitely delicious, heart-happy, culinary oils such as Walnut Oil, Toasted Sesame Oil, Extra Virgin Sesame Oil, Roasted Peanut Oil, Fresh Garlic Oil and Grapeseed Oil!

We offer you an exciting and healthy world of culinary joy! And, we’ve been doing it for over 30 years!

Not only are our oils cholesterol free, gluten free, and high in antioxidants, but of particular note to health-concerned home chefs, is their smoke point. There are different oils suited to your different cooking needs. If you are sautéing something like shrimp and fresh veggies, for instance, which requires a high heat, an oil with a higher smoke point will be a healthier choice and more delicious. One of our oils like Grape Seed or Peanut will be perfect and will add a touch of extraordinary flavor to your dish. For a marinade or salad dressing like  Spicy Asian Dressing, however, you would want to use a low smoke point Loriva Oil, such as our Extra Virgin Sesame or Walnut Oils, that typically have more delicate flavors to enhance the fresh taste of your dish.

Good food. Good health. It’s what we do! 

To order Lorvia Culinary Oils for your store please contact Tree of Life Canada www.treeoflife.ca or in British Columbia 1-800-661-9655, Calgary 1-800-665-1298, Ontario 1-800-263-7054, Quebec 1-800-363-2606




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